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This is the wiki for The Red Alliance. It is intended to collect and catalogue information about both airsoft and real steel equipment pertaining to reenactment of russian and soviet military forces.

At the moment this wiki is under construction and we recommend you visit the Red Alliance forum for all your needs:


Getting Started Reading

Check out some of the categories to find articles:

Getting Started Contributing

If you feel that you should have access to write to this wiki please contact us on email to get an account. We will need your Red-Alliance forum username, email address and real name to set up an account. Please note that if you are not known to us as trustworthy, knowledgeable and serious you will not get an account at this time.

You can also find us on the forum and on irc: Quakenet channel #red-alliance.

Editing a wiki is easy and fun and we'll try to answer all your questions and help you out!

Helpful Pages

Partners and Sources

We have taken information from many sources and try to attribute our sources correctly as much as possible.

The following websites and persons have kindly agreed to let us use their photographs and information on this wiki:

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