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1P29 (romanized from 1П29) is a magnifying optical sight for AK-74, RPK-74 and PKM used by Russia and Cyprus.


The 1P29 is a modified copy of the British SUIT rifle sight for the L1A1 SLR. It was modified with a mounting for the AK-siderail, interchangable cams for various weapon variants (AK for Ak-74, RPK for RPK-74 and PKM for PKM/Pecheneg). It also featured a small rangefinder on the right of the reticle.

It was first seen in use several years ago, an exact date of adoption is unclear. However, the sight has been seen in use more and more the last couple of years, primarily by VDV forces.

The 1P29 is also in foreign use by Cyprus, who received the optic along with batches of Ak-74M rifles.


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