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The 1PN34, note the Novosibirsk triangle, indicating export out of Russia. Normally, for use within Russia, a Hammer and Sickle would replace the Triangle.

1PN34 (romanized from 1ПН34), also known as NSPU (romanized from НСПУ), is a Soviet first generation night vision scope for small arms. It fits the standard Soviet side rail and comes with ballistic cams for all the most usual small arms in service at the time of development.

The 1PN34 is one of the most widely used scopes of the 1PN-series. 1PN34s were sold to many Warsaw Pact countries, including Czechoslovakia and East Germany, from here they spread out across Europe. A notable batch of 1PN34s appeared on the market in 2009, these were Finnish Army surplus. This lot was originally brought into Finland from East Germany, as accessories together with a batch of tanks.

The 1PN34 was succeeded by the 1PN58. The most notable difference being the lighter weight and modern batteries.


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